Changing the Start Menu Question:

I’ve had my old computer for nearly 10 years. The new computer I have, has XP or Vista on it and the Start menu is confusing.Laptop

For people who have been using windows for a while, the upgrade from an old version to XP or Vista can be annoying when they look at the new Start menu and have everything in the wrong places. Luckily Microsoft put in a way for you to change it back.

Right click on the Start button, then click on Properties. This will open the Task and Start Menu Properties window. Make sure the Start Menu tab at the top of the window is selected.

No click on the circle next to "Classic Start menu" and click on OK.

The next time you open the Start Menu it will have the same look as older versions of Windows.

If you want to change it back, follow the same steps but click on the circle next to "Start menu" instead.

It is the same process whether you are using Windows Vista or Windows XP. If you want you can click on the Customize button to add features to the Classic Start Menu if you want.

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