Watching Movies on a PSP Question:

Is there some way I can watch my DVD movies on a Playstation Portable game console?

XBox 360You can easily watch any videos on a PSP as long as you have a large enough Memory Stick Pro Duo for the games console, preferably 1 gigabyte or more and a few pieces of software.

The Playstation Portable is a handheld games console from Sony. Unlike the Nintendo Gameboy or the Nintendo DS, the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) uses little disks called UMD to play games and movies, as well as using Sony memory cards called Pro Stick Duo cards to store saved games, music, pictures and movies. When the PSP was released Sony sold UMD disks with movies. Due to the lack of DVD features, these movie sales failed.

To get your DVD movies on the PSP to watch, you will need 2 pieces of free software. Fair Use Wizard LE from and PSP Video 9 from

Use Fair Use Wizard LE to get the movie off the DVD and save it to your computer. Then use PSP Video 9 to convert it to a format that the PSP can play. All you have to do once the movie is on your computer and converted to a format that the PSP can play, plug your PSP into your computer through the USB connection and copy the movie across.

Be aware the screen size of the PSP is small so watching an entire movie on the game console might get uncomfortable.

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