Recommended Firefox Plug-ins

One of the best things about Firefox is the ability to customise it to fit your own needs.Laptop

I might always speak the praises of the Firefox web browser, available from , but it’s for more than just the speed that it displays websites and the added security of no Active X programming language. The main reason why I like Firefox so much is because of all the extra features you can add to the programme to make it do exactly what you want it to do, look the way you want it to look, and even add more security to your web surfing. 

Firefox even has a plug-in that will allow you to get past the pesky filters many workplaces have.

All the add ons are available from with thousands more than what I’m listing here. 

Be aware, the more add ons you put into Firefox, the slower the programme will start. While you can install all the addons you want, you can also diable them so that you only use the main ones you want all the time but still have the others for when you need them.

Adblock Plus

Out of all the add ons this is the one you must get.

While Firefox does a good job of reducing the amount of ads you see by not letting most pop ups appear, it still allows for a lot of other ads to appear. This add on does not allow blocked ads to appear, such as Flash animation ads, javasript ads, or even ordinary picture ads.

This add on can even block entire website ads, the kind sites like run.

While I do recommend you install it, it does mean you will not see the ads at the bottom of the page, reducing my possible revenue.

Because this add on blocks all the different kinds of ads, it allows websites to load faster than they would with the ad content.

Copy Plain Text

Many websites, included, formats our text to appear right for our website. If you want to copy some of the text to use for work or school you usually have to reformat the text and hope you can work out how best to make it fit with what you already have.

Copy Plain Text allows you to copy the words on the website and ignore all the formatting, making it easier for you to use the text you have read.

The add on allows you to bookmark websites you go to to a site that will store them for you. This means that you can then, no matter what computer you are using, go to your bookmarks quickly and easily. is also a social site allowing people to share their bookmarks with other people and even see what people bookmarked the same sites as you.


FlashGot is a Firefox addon that works with the FlashGet download accelerator to help make downloading large files off the internet easier. 

FlashGet is in the list of our Free Programmes


One of the most useful add ons to Firefox.

GooglePreview allows you to see a small thumbnail of the top 10 sites in you Google search results. This can come in handy when you are not sure what the web address of a site is, but you know what the site looks like and a few key words to search in Google for the site. 

GooglePreview uses the Alexa previews to show what the sites look like, which can mean the site in the thumbnail is an old version, as is the case with us. 


The perfect add on to Firefox to help you waste more time than you have.

This add on uses your preferences you put into the StumbleUpon website to randomly through you to sites all over the world, some are funny, others educational, all of them you can vote on to make your stumbling experience even better 


The Tor button is the easy access control for the Tor programme from our Free Programmes list . If you have installed the Tor programme you will not need to install the add on as it is installed by default. If you haven’t installed the Tor programme on you computer you can get it from their site at

More addons will be added over time, so make sure to come back and check out the latest. 

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