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Sending Multiple Email Question:

Does it take longer to send multiple emails that it does to send a single email? No, multiple emails take the same amount of time to be sent as it would take to send one. In most email programmes you are given the chance to input multiple email addresses to send the same email to […]

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Computer Service Question:

Why don’t you do a computer service? Many companies say they do a full service on your computer, comparing your computer to a car. does not feel this is a valid comparison and as such we do not call what we do a computer service. does however do complete computer maintenance. Complete Computer […]

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How To Keep Windows Safe Question:

What is the best way to keep my computer safe? There are many things you should do to make sure your computer is safe.  The easiest way to keep Windows safe is to not have the internet, keep an eye on the computer at all times, and make sure it is turned off. Or if […]

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Changing the Windows Virtual Memory Question:

I’m getting an error on my computer telling me I don’t have enough room on my hard drive for the Windows Virtual Memory. What is it and how can I fix the problem? Warning: only recommends experienced, professional people touch or change any of your personal technology items’ settings. What is the Windows Virtual […]

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Fixing Windows System Files Question:

I’m having some problems with Windows programmes, what can I do to fix them? Warning: only recommends experienced, professional people touch or change any of your personal technology items’ settings. Over time, and as you use and install programmes on your computer, the core system files in Windows might become corrupted. While the best […]

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Internet Usage Question:

I’ve increased the plan, speed and downloads, I’m on for the internet but I’m still hitting my download limit, Is something wrong happening? Most internet service providers ISP’s have a page on their website where you can find out how much you have downloaded, or how much bandwidth you have used. This is a good […]

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Immediate Windows Start Question:

I’ve put a password on my Windows user account, but I don’t want to have to type in the password each time I turn the computer on, is there a way around typing it? Warning: only recommends experienced, professional people touch or change any of your personal technology items’ settings. As I have said, […]

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Windows Vista Thoughts Question

What do you think about Windows Vista and why does it look so much different from XP? At the time of print, September 2007, has taken the stance that if you are just learning about computers and have been learning on an older version of Windows, you will not benefit from moving to Windows […]

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Minimum Internet Requirements Question:

I contacted *insert name* about getting the internet, but was told my computer was too old. Is there a minimum system requirement to use the internet? This is a common misunderstanding that occurs when you contact certain internet service providers (ISP) There are no minimum requirements your system must have to get access to the […]

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Different gaming Conosle Question:

My child wants the latest Mario game, can I get it for his Playstation? The short answer. No. All the different game consoles on the market currently are competing with each other, to some extent.  Both Sony and Nintendo have multiple games consoles currently on the market. Sony has the Playstation 2, the Playstation 3 […]

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