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Changing the Start Menu Question:

I’ve had my old computer for nearly 10 years. The new computer I have, has XP or Vista on it and the Start menu is confusing. For people who have been using windows for a while, the upgrade from an old version to XP or Vista can be annoying when they look at the new […]

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Sound Problem Question:

Some of the sounds my computer plays have a strange static sound at times, what’s wrong? The problems could be related to the hardware, speakers, cables, sound card, or software, drivers, sound files, codecs. With so many possible problems, you will have to go through each possible problem separately to find and fix the problem. […]

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Website Loading Problems Question:

I’m having problems getting websites to load, is my computer infected? When ever I hear somebody is having problems getting websites to load my first thought is the possibility of spyware on their computer. It’s only a possibility because there are a lot of factors that can affect the speed of a computer loading websites. […]

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File Deletion Question:

How do I know my files are deleted off my hard drive, and how do I get them back if I want them again? This is an all to common question with many people wanting to sell their old computers or give them away when they get their new computers. When you delete a file […]

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Watching Movies on a PSP Question:

Is there some way I can watch my DVD movies on a Playstation Portable game console? You can easily watch any videos on a PSP as long as you have a large enough Memory Stick Pro Duo for the games console, preferably 1 gigabyte or more and a few pieces of software. The Playstation Portable […]

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Firmware Update Question:

What is firmware and when and how should I update it? Warning: only recommends experienced, professional people touch or change any of your personal technology items’ settings. Firmware is the programming that is used by many devices to actually run. Sometimes new features are added or problems that are found need to be fixed. […]

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January 2008 Computer Comparison

Technology moves forward very quickly. In doing so the price of components goes down, and the performance increases. One of the main questions I get asked on a regular basis is, "What computer should I buy?" To solve this question I have decided to keep my eye on the price of computer part throughout 2008 […]

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Free Programmes is proud to give you our own selection of free programmes from the leaders in software development. Updated: 20th January 2008  When you walk into a store and see how much they charge for software quiet often it leaves you wanting to find other ways to get the kind of software you are looking […]

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Sending Multiple Email Question:

Does it take longer to send multiple emails that it does to send a single email? No, multiple emails take the same amount of time to be sent as it would take to send one. In most email programmes you are given the chance to input multiple email addresses to send the same email to […]

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Computer Service Question:

Why don’t you do a computer service? Many companies say they do a full service on your computer, comparing your computer to a car. does not feel this is a valid comparison and as such we do not call what we do a computer service. does however do complete computer maintenance. Complete Computer […]

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