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Facebook Internet Tracking

For the a while now I have been mentioning how Facebook is now tracking what websites you look at and using that information to show you EXTREMELY targeted ads, not just on Facebook but on other sites that use Facebook for advertising revenue. At long last Facebook has made part of what they do able […]

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Mac forgotten password (draft)

While it’s loading, hold down the Command + R keys until it boots into its recovery mode. Click on Utilities on the top menu bar. Then click on Terminal. In terminal, type resetpassword and hit Enter.

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Uninstall Office 365 from computer without uninstall option (Draft)

To uninstall Office from the Store, got to Settings – Apps – Apps & features – Microsoft Office Desktop Apps – Uninstall. If for some reason the machine is in a bad way and you need to be more aggressive about the uninstall.  From a PowerShell command line. “(Get-AppxPackage -Name Microsoft.Office.Desktop).Dependencies | Remove-AppxPackage” then “Get-AppxPackage […]

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Apple Computer Start Up Options

When trying to start up an Apple computer you might want it to start in a different way for maintenance purposes. Depending on what buttons you hold down when you turn it on will change the way it starts Shift: Starts your Mac in safe mode. This helps you troubleshoot because it only loads the […]

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Drivers Question:

You have spoken in the past about drivers, what are they and why are they important? Drivers are the small programmes that let your operating system, Windows, OS X or Linux, know what hardware your computer has, what features the hardware have and how to use those features. Without drivers your computer will not know […]

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Internet Settings Question:

I’m getting a window popping up on the screen asking my to dial up to the internet, but I’m on broadband. This can be an issue for your computer if you move from a dial up internet connection to a broadband connection, without changing all the settings on your computer. To solve this problem you […]

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Video Problem Question:

My computer screen was acting up and then the computer stopped working. What’s wrong with it? Warning: only recommends experienced, professional people touch or change any of your personal technology items’ settings. First you should make sure that the cable connection the monitor to the computer is inserted and secured properly. The next thing […]

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Windows Vista Disk Space Question:

I keep on getting a message saying that my Hard Drive is running low on space when it shouldn’t why is that? When you first install Windows Vista it is set up with default settings that Microsoft seems to think will make our life a lot easier. Unfortuantly it is not always the case. Due […]

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Macintosh OSX Memory Question:

I have an Apple Macintosh from a couple of years ago. It seems to be getting slower, what is wrong? As with all computers, Apple Macs have multiple parts that can help speed it up. The speed of the processor is important to affect the performance of an Apple computer. So too is the number […]

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Router Security Question:

You said my router wasn’t secure, what do you mean and how can I fix it? No matter how tight you keep your computer usage, if you have a wireless router for your computer you might be using more internet downloads than you think you are . Every time I go to a clients house […]

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