Returning in February 2018

After 4 months working elsewhere I am returning in February 2018.

I have now pretty much successfully got the ability to get past any Windows password and my data recovery methods have improved as well.

I will NOT be using remote access software to work on any computers as has always been the case. If I can’t be with you in front of your computer I won’t be working on it.

I will also be posting more often to Facebook so check there for more information and while you are there you can write a review to let others know what you think of my services.


With my return, due to not doing so in 5 years, I am raising my prices. Senior card holders will be $70 an hour. Residential customers will be $80 an hour and businesses will start at $90 an hour. Still no onsite fee.

I do accept Visa and Mastercard payments but be aware there is a 2% surcharge for using that payment option.

While I can invoice if the invoices do not get paid on time I will increase hourly rates in the future.